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Bob Marley and the Wailers, Live at Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany 1980 (New Audio Source)

What I have shared with you today is high quality video footage of the now-historic performance at Westfalenhalle in Dortmund, Nordrhein-Westfalen on June 13, 1980.  This is probably one of Marley’s best known shows as it has been rebroadcast throughout Europe on live rock television shows like “Rockpalast”.

This concert features a lovely intro set by the I-Threes followed by a fiery performance by The Wailers.  The video quality is near perfect, thanks to fans who have continually upgraded it year after year.  This footage is much better than even the bootlegged DVDs circulating right now (I know because I purchased one).  Much like the Amandla footage from 1979, it is somewhat surprising that this concert has not been released officially by Island or Tuff Gong as it would require very little remastering/upgrading.

I could not locate a press review for the Dortmund, Germany show, therefore I included a review of the Strasbourg, France performance, which took place a few days earlier on June 9, 1980.  The review, written by Desmond Allen, was published in the Jamaica Gleaner on June 19, 1980.

Enjoy!  It is not every day that you get Marley footage of this quality!

Bob Marley and the Wailers
Live at Westfalenhalle

Band lineup

    Bob Marley, vocals, rhythm guitar
Aston Barrett, bass
Carlton Barrett, drums
Al Anderson, lead guitar
Junior Marvin, lead guitar
Earl Lindo, organ, clavinet
Tyrone Downie, keyboards
Alvin Patterson, percussion
The I-Threes, backing vocals

The I-Threes

   1. “Precious World”
2. “Slave Queen”
3. “Steppin’ Out of Babylon”
4. “That’s The Way Jah Planned It”

The Wailers

   1. “Marley Chant” -> “Natural Mystic”
2. “Positive Vibration”
3. “Revolution”
4. “I Shot The Sheriff”
5. “War” -> “No More Trouble”
6. “Zimbabwe”
7. “Jammin'”
8. “No Woman, No Cry”
9. “Zion Train”
10. “Exodus”
11. 1st encore break
12. “Redemption Song”
13. “Could You Be Loved?”
14. “Work”
15. “Natty Dread
16. “Is This Love?”
17. “Get Up, Stand Up”
18. 2nd encore break
19. “Coming In From The Cold”
20. “Lively Up Yourself”



Bob Marley 1980

Bob Marley 1980

Westfalenhalle 1980




  1. Jah Lion says:

    Is this dvd the digital broadcast recorded from WDR last year Michael ?

    1. marleyrkives says:

      not sure. I got it in 2010 I believe.

      1. Yo-Willie says:

        Check and this flacs is lossy. You DVD have no PCM sound.

        1. marleyrkives says:

          Yeah, I know. I noted in the post that it was ripped from DVD. I will make the change in the post to say it is lossy. Thanks for the heads up bro. And thanks for supporting the blog! One Heart.

      2. Yo-Willie says:

        Only lossless are dvd with the PCM sounds.

        1. marleyrkives says:

          Got it. Respect…

  2. Harry Stuut says:

    Nice one this show…but who was the guitar player alongside Tyrowne during the I-Threes opening?? How many show’s are filmed at least?
    In 1980 are more show’s taped then in the earlyer yaers it seems to me.

    1. marleyrkives says:

      Lots of shows in 1980. There is video from every year. There is lots of new restored footage in the Marley 2012 film to open April 20 worldwide.

  3. Jah Lion says:

    Harry, FYI : Steve Golding (guitarist of Peter Tosh’ Word Sound & Power)

  4. Harry Stuut says:

    Thanks Jah Lion….

  5. rogish says:

    Where can I buy or download the complete Rockpalast 80 show footage??
    Why is this not available commercially???

    1. marleyrkives says:

      i can send you the complete video footage. give me your email.

      1. adelmatrash says:

        Please can you send me the video too? I am looking for a good quality for this video I downloaded from youtube but the quality is bad. The email is in the comment.

  6. Hey do you know where I could find another full version of this show??? They all seem to be taken down (Inluding the one you link here)


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