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Judy Mowatt On Bob Marley’s Christianity

The angelic Judy Mowatt of I-Three fame speaks about Bob Marley’s conversion to Christianity and his words from his death bed in Miami hospital.  From Bread News International, a faith-based news program.

Judy on the day Bob passed away, May 11, 1981

Judy with I-Three, Dublin, 1980




  1. Mark Miller says:

    You might want to make sure your dates are right. On the picture of Judy, you wrote on the “day Bob passed away April11 1981.”. Yo, it was MAY 11..
    I know, I was Bob’s stage manager at the time!
    Love and bless MARK

    1. marleyrkives says:

      Mark….What a colossal error on my part. I was rushing to finish the post before work and look what happened. Blasphemy! I will correct immediately. Nice pick up! You’re always welcome here…you know that!

  2. Belle Six says:

    I heard it was a conversion to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church – either way, if it did or didnt happen – his choice and only his – One Love

    1. marleyrkives says:

      yes, he did convert to Ethiopian Orthodox prior to his death. He would attend the EOC whenever he was in Miami.

  3. Harry Stuut says:

    Hartbreaking to here that Bob has mett his Creator in his dying moments…it gives me shivers ….realy an emotional post; Peace and Love

  4. freerootical says:

    Greetings & Love,
    I was not present upon Bob’s passing so whether he confessed to “Jesus” is debatable. However, InI as Rastafari children don’t believe in the philosophy of die and go to heaven in Jesus name. In the Rastafari trod your faith is reflected in how you LIVE, not how you DIE. Bob lived as a Rastaman giving full praise to His Imperial Majesty, Haile Selassie I. Bob walked among all Rastafari whether they be Twelve Tribe, Bobo, Nyahbinghi or Orthodox. His orthodox baptism and faith are not indicative of his rejection of the divinity of Haile Selassie I. In fact, there are many Rastafari who belong to the Orthodox faith who give full praises to Haile Selassie I as Jah. I highly doubt Bob would have cried out to Je-sus as Rastafari don’t even use the name Jesus. What are Judy Mowatt’s motivations? I’ve seen similar posts to this on various christian websites proclaiming Bob as a christian. Yes, InI have been christians all along. InI know that the Ible prophecy came true in that Christ came in a new name, the great and thunderable name of Haile Selassie I. The Rastaman is the true christian on Earth in this time. As it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end. Selah.
    Ises unto HIM! Jah Rastafari Lives and Reigns!

    1. marleyrkives says:

      Great post! Thanks for the most informative dialogue. Bless Rasta! I have no way of knowing the true story. I cannot even comment on Sister Judy’s credibility. This is not a Christian website by any stretch of the imagination. That said, I do know that Bob , Judy, and Peter worshipped at the Orthodoxy. This means nothing with respect to him “rejecting” the divinity of HIM. In fact, I’ve never heard that he rejected HIM’s divinity.

      I posted this to spark conversation. The news item would be more credible if we heard Judy actually say this, instead of a news reporter.

      I respect everyone’s beliefs, it’s none of my business. Keep in mind that the Christians will enlist whoever they can to push their message down people’s throats.

  5. freerootical says:

    Much respect for the reasoning. I look forward to checking more posts on this site.

  6. Hanibal7 says:

    There is no doubt that bob converted and was baptised in to the EOC.i posted a link below of the arcbishob of the EOC talking about bob’s conversion and other subjects.


    part 2



  7. Bob Marley says:

    to be rasta is being a christian in itself. thoe some rastas dont recognize “JESUS” most recognize YESHUA. I think that Mr. Marley has always took the most high as his lord and savior. This is not something that happened on his deathbed from my research. Haile Selassie was ethopian orthodox christian.

  8. robbie says:

    “I respect everyone’s beliefs, it’s none of my business. Keep in mind that the Christians will enlist whoever they can to push their message down people’s throats.” Brother that is antithetical, “respect” then bashing all Christians in regards to “throats”. One Love to all, those you like and don’t like right? Even the Christ loving Christian Haile Selassie, right? Lets stay consistent and solid Brother

  9. Harry says:

    This is why religion is a cause of so much trouble in the World, for ages we discuss Who is right and Who is wrong…even we fight about it, and if we Do, we did not get the Message from Bob, We got to Unit he sang on That special evening in 78…..so do not discuss about it brothers, because we have all the same creator, some call Him God – Jesus _Jah – Jaweh……one thing counts, he died to save our life.
    Peace to the World……especialy in the M-East
    Jah Bless

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