KAZO Black Vinyl

For those who have not visited the KAZO page here on the blog, you are really missing something rare and spectacular.  My good friend and French trader and archivist KAZO spent countless hours compiling the most important tracks in reggae into the “Black Vinyl Colection.”  The collection is comprised of KAZO’s selections of the best sources for 7″ and/or 12″ singles, sometimes complemented with some additional issued vinyl takes. Priority has been given to lossless tracks. Level averaging has been performed using a sound editor (Goldwave).  The collection is comprised primarily of long-gone and rarely heard singles ripped directly from vinyl.  With the files in lossless audio, the listener can enjoy listening to these recordings, originally pressed to vinyl, with the cracks, pops, and the occasional skip characterized by classic vinyl recordings.  It is a unique experience and one that I recommend to every fan reading this blog.

It is now four years after his original “Black Vinyl Collection” release, and KAZO has graciously asked me to host the second edition of the Black Vinyl 1-xx series. It is completely reconstructed. The aim is now to present every 7″ singles recorded by the Wailers. Most of the records were issued in Jamaica (mainly under Studio 1 or Coxsone labels) and in UK (mainly under Island label), sometimes with different couplings. Several reprints have also been issued.

Please click HERE to check out the KAZO collection.

A selection from the Black Vinyl Collection:


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