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“Redemption Song” Bob Marley and Earl “Wire” Lindo JBC, 1980

Rarely seen performance of “Redemption Song” by Bob at JBC Studios, Kingston, Jamaica, 1980. It is the first time the song is ever performed live.

At the time of this recording (late 1978/early 1979), Bob’s good friend and JBC reporter/producer Dermot Hussey was producing a television show for the JBC called “Nommo.”

According to Dermot the performance of “Redemption Song” song was done in one take. Interesting note – The JBC had a hybrid system where they filmed in PAL but broadcast in NTSC. According to Lukkee Chong of the JBC, this performance clip, although shot in color, was actually broadcast on television in black and white at the time.


A review of “Nommo” from the Jamaica Gleaner from June 5, 979…

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  1. Vinícius says:

    Nice to see Lindo playing guitar..

    Any store about this video? What month in 80?

  2. Dub says:

    Greetings, I read a 2012 interview in which guitarist Al Anderson, who played and toured with the Wailers begining with the Natty Dread album up to Uprising, emphatically states that it was Earl Wire Lindo whom wrote “Redemption Song”. From the look of this video “Wya” the Wailers keyboardist is also doing a fantastic job on guitar. If there is any credeance to this story, it would be this: out of all the many guitar players in Jamaica that played, recorded and toured with Bob Marley and the Wailers, it is Wire, known as a keyboardist, accompanying Bob on this duet which was performed at the JBC in Jamaica.
    Give thanks

  3. Dub says:

    This video of Bob Marley and Wya is only the second half of the performance. the duet is actually over 4 minutes long & can be heard on Youtube. This is in fact the second chorus.
    Give thanks.

  4. mateusfig says:

    Anybody knows why Earl Wire leave The Wailers last years? Did he acquired any heath issue?

    1. fredreggaelover says:

      no infos about this, seems like a split appeared so far junior is not anymore part of the wailers band as well.

      hope mr lindo to be all good 🙂

      1 love

      1. mateusfig says:

        Thank you. I really would like know how he is doing. One of my prefer Wailer member. He has a excelent stage presence and nice aura. I would like he come back to The Wailers. Does he record with some artist actually? I apreciate every news about him. I hope he and his family is alright.

        1. He is currently touring with Julian and Fams as the Wailers Reunion Tour from what I hear!

          1. mateusfig says:

            Very cool! Wailers Reunion will perform here in Brazil, next month, but he is not listed as a band member this time (only Tyrone). Im excited to attend this event. See the advertisement here: https://www.facebook.com/JulianMarley/photos/a.148586265175590.27176.132299103470973/884382274929315/?type=1

  5. mateusfig says:

    I talked to Owen Dreadie Reid on Facebook and he confirmed that Earl Wya won’t join Wailers Band this time, still…

    1. fredreggaelover says:

      thank you for this mateusfig, 1 love

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