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Yabby You Meets The Aggrovators At King Tubby’s’

This week’s pick isYabby You Meets The Aggrovators At King Tubby’s’.  I have included a nice Yabby You/Jackpot Mini Mix for you to get an idea of his vibe, but, I have to say, this is the sickest mix of tunes I have ever posted.  If I were to introduce someone to reggae who had never heard it before, I would play some Yabby You for them.  As a roots artist who brings that classic, rootsy, lo-fi sound and vibration, there’s simply no one who compares.

Vivian Jackson, better known as Yabby You (or sometimes Yabby U), was a reggae vocalist and producer, who came to prominence in the early 1970s through his uncompromising, self-produced work.

His beliefs were markedly different from that of his Rastafarian contemporaries, believing in the divinity of Jesus rather than Haile Selassie I, earning him the nickname ‘Jesus Dread’.  This often prompted debate on religio-philosophical matters, and it was after one of these discussions that Jackson first headed towards a recording studio, having heard music “like a strange ting, inside a my thoughts – like an angel a sing”.



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