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“Them Never Love Poor Marcus” / “Poor Marcus Garvey Dub” 7″ Vinyl 45 by Johnny Clarke (Jackpot)

“Them Never Love Poor Marcus” / “Poor Marcus Garvey Dub” 7″ vinyl 45 (Vinyl Rip)




  1. riddimBank says:

    Nice post. I had never heard this version and was wondering who covered whom: Mighty Diamonds or Johnny Clarke. I found this about Johnny Clark: “By 1976, the singer had come to the attention of the Virgin label’s Front Line subsidiary, to whom he now signed. The new relationship was cemented with the absolute masterpiece Rockers Time Now. The production is a dream, the flying cymbal rhythms as sharp as a scythe, with Lee’s house band, the Aggrovators, laying down a potent mix of roots, rock, and almost dreamy backing as always. With King Tubby giving it all a dubby mix, the record remains one of the crucial releases of the roots era. Again a mixture of originals and covers, Rockers is pure dread and boasts incredible versions of gems from the likes of the Abyssinians and the Mighty Diamonds; the former’s “Satta Massa Gana” is an absolute stunner, as is the cover of the latter group’s “Them Never Love Poor Marcus.”

    1. marleyrkives says:

      Johnny Clarke made a career off of covering the hits of other artists. Check his cover of Spear’s “Ites, Gold, and Green”. Many thanks for supporting…

      1. Joe says:

        Crazy that “Ites, Gold and Green” is the song you suggested I listen to. Here’s a story and a link. I lived in Westmoreland, Jamaica in 96-97 and ran a recording studio in Sav-la-mar. The studio was in Lloyd Ricketts yard (from the Itals). Lloyd told the bassie and I that he wrote that song for Burning Spear and wanted to re-record it. The thing was…we hadn’t heard Spear’s version–which was good. He sang the song how he wrote it originally, and asked us to build the music around how he sang it. Anyway, he called it “Rainbow” and here’s the link of how it turned out: http://soundcloud.com/riddimbank

        1. marleyrkives says:

          Nice! Going there now to listen. I think both versions are outstanding, Spear and Clarke. Clarke the better singer, I think he takes the tune to another level. Will let you know after I listen to your SoundCloud

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