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Distant Drums

MIDNIGHT RAVER BLOG is pleased to announce that world-renowned Bob Marley and the Wailers collector and historian GLEN LOCKLEY is joining us and will be contributing back issues of the legendary DISTANT DRUMS fanzine.  This is an absolutely essential addition to the MIDNIGHT RAVER BLOG.
Distant Drums was a Bob Marley and the Wailers fanzine published initially in 1994 by primarily founder / editor Glen Lockley along with the help of  Wayne Auchaybur, the van Arnhem brothers and Gael Doyen. Originally a quarterly A5 sized booklet, the publication contained a phenomenal amount of interesting and original written material.   Six issues were published in this format between 1994 and September 1995, each surpassing the previous effort, with contributions from Roger Steffens among the regular features. Many of our friends contributed over the years as well including Lowell Taubmann, Amy Wachtel, Franco Mancini, and many more.  In February 1996, the format changed to A4, with much improved graphics and a more professional look – but with no loss of content quality or vibes. *
DISTANT DRUMS is a fabulous publication, one fully deserving to celebrate the Wailers legacy. The hard work put in by the editors and contributors shines through, with each issue never failing to reach the high standards set from the very beginning.
There are few people who have dedicated more time, heart, and effort to documenting the history of Bob Marley and his Wailers Band.  Along with several other devoted fans, including our friend Roger Steffens, Glenn conceived the idea for DISTANT DRUMS in the early 1990s and published the very first issue in March 1994.
GLEN will be sharing his digitized DISTANT DRUMS archive, beginning with Issue #1 (March 1994) on our new DISTANT DRUMS page!
Please visit the DISTANT DRUMS page to read a part of Wailers history.




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