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Scott Paynter talks ‘Draw Your Brakes’ with Midnight Raver

So today I have the pleasure of speaking with my good friend Scotty Paynter, singer and musician from Baltimore, MD.  Most of you know Scott as the lead singer of tried and true east coast reggae ambassadors ‘Jah Works’.  Lately he’s been doing his solo thing.  He just released an album on Itunes called ‘Draw Your Brakes’ and we at the Midnight Raver Blog highly recommend it.

So tell me a little bit about your new solo album ‘Draw Your Brakes.’

Draw Your Brakes was the first time I was able to make an album that was pretty much all mine. I collaborated with my lifelong friend, Chris Bradley.  Compared to Jah Works albums, where you have seven or eight guys involved in the writing and recording decisions, this album was very liberating for me, as it was just Chris and I making the decisions.

I’ve listened to the album and I like it.  It seems that the album has “worldly” feel to it.  Most know you as the singer in Jah Works, a purists reggae band. Explain the divergence in styles.

The musical styles on this record really reflect all the other types of music that I grew up listening to, besides just reggae. I love the blues, I love jazz, I am a huge old classic rock fan…even country and classical music. It all found it’s way into this project and that was very exciting, to just let the songs be what they were meant to be.

Where do you stand with Jah Works right now?

My relationship with Jah Works has never been better. While I am not a full-time member of the group anymore, I am appearing at select shows and I will always consider myself a Jah Works family member. And we are looking at ways in which we can write new material for a possible album in 2013.

You are obviously very knowledgeable about music, especially the vocal aspect.  Who are the vocalists that influence you?

To name all the vocalists who’ve inspired me would take a long, long time. But just to name a few, Frank Sinatra for breath control and diction, Dennis Brown for feeling and emotion, Johnny Hartman for melody and Marvin Gate for teaching me about harmony and multi-tracking my own voice on songs.

Who composed and arranged the music on your new album ‘Draw Your Brakes’?

Myself and Chris Bradley wrote and arranged all the songs on the album together, except for the Randy Newman tune “Sail Away” and the Dennis Brown tune “Love Has Found It’s Way”.

What musicians did you use to record the album?

There are some great musicians on the album.  Scott Paynter on vocals, guitar, piano;  Chris Bradley- guitar, bass, piano, programming and percussion and backing vocals;  Jon Pang on drums and guitar; Mike Hamilton on bass;  Mike Regan on guitar;  Adam Flicker on piano, electric piano and organ, trumpet and flugle horn; Rob Stone on saxophone;  and Chad Van Holtz on trombone.

Was the album recorded locally?

We recorded the bulk of the record at Nestadelic Studios in Philadelphia and we did the finishing touches at Miner Street Studios in Philadelphia.

What are your plans for the near future, say the next year or so?

Right now, my plans for the coming year include promoting this album, trying to market the music for licensing deals and working on new material as well. And of course, performing with Jah Works, on my own and playing bass with my brother Will’s group outta Philly, Sonoma Sound.

Alright Scott, really appreciate the time.  Many blessings to you on your endeavors. 

Bless up Mike. Good speaking with you again.

Listen to the album HERE!

Buy the album now at Itunes, eMUSIC and Amazon!



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