Augustus Pablo “Hap Kido” / “Version” (Iron Fist) 7-inch

So today I’m sharing with you my most recent vinyl rip.  I received just yesterday the Augustus Pablo “Hap Kido” / “Version” (Iron Fist) 7-inch direct from yaad.  Big thanks to my man Delroy Wilson at Big Yard Chunes for packing it proper!
“Hap Kido” / “Version” (Iron Fist) 7-inch was laid down in 1974 by Pablo and Prehay.  You may recognize this as the instrumental from Santic/Freddie McKay’s ‘I’m A Free Man.’  “Hap  Kido” is a blistering clavinet workout by Pablo and one of the rawest of Pablo’s early selections.
I’m sharing because this record sounds outstanding considering it was pressed nearly 40 years ago (it’s an original press).





One thought on “Augustus Pablo “Hap Kido” / “Version” (Iron Fist) 7-inch

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