Midnight Raver’s Selection Mix: Barrington Levy

VP Records has outdone itself with Barrington Levy:  Reggae Anthology:  Sweet Reggae Music.  This 2 CD set is stock full of those heavy riddims that we cut our teeth on as reggae fans.  Familiar tunes like “Shaolin Temple,” “Mary Long Tongue,” “Poor Man Style,” and “Black Roses” showcase Levy’s unmistakeable wail and his uncanny ability to paint a vivid picture of life in the ghetto.  “No weak tunes shall prosper” in this set.  You will not find a weak track to speak of here.  Just 40 straight skullbangers that will test the physical limits of your headset.
I put together a mix of my favorite selections from this set (along with a few rare dubs) to let you know what you are in for.  Along with Michael Rose: Reggae Legend, this compilation is a must for classic reggae fans.


One thought on “Midnight Raver’s Selection Mix: Barrington Levy

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