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Bob Marley and the Wailers: Boston, 1976

This is the second in a series of posts put together by Fred “Reggaelover” P where he selects a photo to share, and the photographer describes the circumstances and context within which the photo was taken.

Fred’s selections this week are photos from Bob’s performance at Boston Music Hall in 1976 shared by our good friend Lowell Taubman, MD.

“My memory is pretty sharp regarding  that special night back in April 25th 1976, when I had 2  $7.50 orchestra seats and took the most beautiful woman in the world to see Bob Marley and The Wailers. (I don’t remember her name )   She went home before me, and I moved up to the orchestra pit, at the Wailers’ feet.

I remember Bob on stage looking at me during the show, walking across the stage after the show, then backstage,then his dressing room, then the stage door, then going on the bus…

I had a Kodak camera and wound up in front of Bob for most of the show.  There were very few photographers there and I ended up standing in the Orchestra pit, at Bob’s feet, next to another photographer, whose name I believe was  David  Malhado. I  was certain that it was a special night, especially once that child appeared on stage and sang with Bob.


Obviously the Wailers, the colors, the lights,  Bob and the music were all breathtaking, as tapes have revealed.  I tried to document as much as possible, with David photographing me talking with Familyman, me talking with Bob,  me  having my business card, with my phone #, passed back to Bob on the bus. ….., till about 2:00 AM, when the tour bus left.

Subsequently, within the next  few days, David came to my dormitory room at Myles Standish Hall at Boston University with his Black and White photographs  We looked at our photos together and since he had the better camera, he gave me some duplicates and water stained prints. There was a slight chance, that he had a dark room and developed the prints himself.

We lost touch since then, and I have unable to track him down.”





A young Ziggy Marley








  1. Harry Stuut says:

    Nice story…the pictures does me realise that 76 is a long long tme ago ( i was 13 that time) but new Bob from his No Woman No Cry hit wich was a returning highlight at every birthdayparty in our local community…

  2. fredreggaelover says:

    glad you like harry 🙂 our friend lowell did us a big favor in sharing those photos from his collection, raspect

    one love

  3. marleyrkives says:

    Many thanks also to Fred for coming up with the idea. The photo posts get a lot of interest.

  4. One can hear me sing “What you gonna do”, in the background.

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