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Michael Rose: Reggae Legend (2012)

Just want to shout the new Michael Rose compilation album produced by our friend Ryan Moore of Twilight Circus Sound System.  Michael Rose: Reggae Legend is a compilation album with tracks selected by Moore, who based his track selections based partly on the tune’s popularity on You Tube.  The tracks included here come primarily from the albums African Roots and Warrior, both of which are produced by Moore and Twilight Circus.
Listen when I tell you that Michael Rose has NEVER sounded this good, and the production by Twilight Circus is second to none, as they bring a ground game heavier than anyone in the arena.  Moore is setting the standard for dub and reggae production in the digital age.  Know that!
This album makes my list of the Raver’s Top 5 Album Selections for 2012, meaning GO COP NOW!






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