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Peter Tosh Tour Updates!

A distinguished fan/collector/historian from “JAHMANY” named Andreas graciously shared his research bringing much light to missing and undocumented Peter Tosh tour dates.  I hope he continues his great works and that he is gracious enough to keep us honest on our research.  Needless to say, this is absolutely amazing research and so crucial to Tosh’s musical biography.


1977 – Peter photographed by Chuck Pulin in unknown park, Brooklyn, NY


1978-xx-xx – Jed’s, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
“Most marijuana (on stage and off) – Peter Tosh, Jed’s, New Orleans, 1978″.
(The Jed’s was a club of the punk/alternative scene. You can find shows of other artists (e.g. Elvis Costello) from this venue around that time.)
1978 February 24 – Trelawny Beach Hotel, Trelawny, Jamaica
He asks the following question of readers, fans, anyone in the know:
“Does the footage of Peter Tosh on ‘Heartland Reggae’ documentary comes from 1977-12-xx Savanna-la-Mar or from 1978-02~24 Trelawny Beach?
“The filming started in November of 1977 at an outdoor festival in Savanna-la-mar featuring Jacob Miller, Dennis Brown (with newly sprouting dreadlocks), The I-Threes, U Roy, 12 year old Junior Tucker, Althea & Donna, Lloyd Parks and the “We The People Band.”
As you can see Peter Tosh is not mentioned for Savanna.
A few paragraphs later you can read this:
“Nothing could portray this more poignantly than “Heartland Reggae” documenting on film, Peter Tosh’s Trelawny Beach concert [sic!]. Tosh, perhaps the most militant exponent of the Rasta movement, gives a biting performance.”
I read:
“It was in Trelawny and we had a 3-day festival. Burning Spear, Big Youth, Peter Tosh, Soul Syndicate, Culture and some others. It was government-funded and they flew me down and even paid for my hotel.”
Regarding the date you can find 1978-02-24 for Burning Spear at Trelawny (therefore +- 2 for Peter), e.g. here:
Peter Tosh at Trelawny is also mentioned on:
“The first show was winter of 1978, in the old Trelawny Beach Hotel in Trelawny, Jamaica. It was a weekend festival in the hotel ballroom with Peter Tosh, Spear, Inner Circle, Big Youth, and others, produced by some of the earliest reggae concert promoters Eppy Epstein and Warren Smith. A life changing experience. I met Mr. Rodney for the first time that weekend, wonder if he remembers that show?”


1979 August 19 – Xenon (disco), New York, NY, USA
1979 August 24 – Harvard Square Theater, Cambridge, MA, USA (early & late show) (concert poster as 1984-08-24)
On the following websites you can find a concert poster (attached) from Harvard Square Theater dated “August 24 1984″:
Because it is known that “1983-12-31 Pulse Superjam, Kingston” was the last live show of Peter I’ve searched for the right year of the Harvard Square concert (poster).
First af all: I found the SAME Peter-on-a-unicycle picture on a concert poster for the 1979 England Tour (attached).
You can find an interview (which appeared in the book “Reggae International” by Stephen Davis & Peter Simon published in 1982) which stated:
“This interview took place in a hotel in Cambridge, Mass., during the first Word Sound and Power tour in 1979. In the corner of the room Tosh’s omnipresent ‘Inicycle’ leaned against the wall. Tosh rides the tall unicycle everywhere – backstage, while visiting radio stations, down long hotel corridors, at four in the morning…”
There is a short description of a visitor of this concert:
“Caught Bob Marley at the early show at Boston’s Music Hall (’76? *) and, after a cab ride to Cambridge caught the last [sic!] set of Peter Tosh at the Harvard Square Theater. It was a burning! Ja Music is love!”


1981 August 03 – Agora Ballroom, Atlanta, GA, USA
This concert (with photos) is mentioned on (together with 1979-02-21 – Alex Cooley’s Capri Ballroom, Atlanta)
Soul Rebel is listing Saenger Theater New Orleans, LA USA as “August 1″ (but you as “August 3″)
1981 June 10 – “Reggae Summernight”, Freilichttheater, Bad Segeberg, Germany (with Jimmy Cliff) (with ticket)
1981-10-01 – Irvine Auditorium, Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
I found the attached concert ticket here:
The concert was also annnounced in the 1981-09-22 almanac of the University:
October 1 PUC concert series presents, PeterTosh: Wanted Dreador Alive. 8 p.m., Irvine Auditorium, 34th and Spruce St. Ticket prices are $10.50. $9.50, $8.50, with $2 off with Penn ID.


1982 August 29 – Kerrisdale Arena, Vancouver, BC, Canada, with Jimmy Cliff
1982 September 1 – Northlands Coliseum, Edmonton, AB, Canada, with Jimmy Cliff
1982 September 2 – Max Bell Arena, Calgary, AB, Canada, with Jimmy Cliff (2 tracks Mystic Man & Glasshouse on Honorary Citizen CD2 from this show ?!)
Putting together this
Kerrisdale Vanco/82-06- Kerrisdale Vanco.html will give the above mentioned dates of the Peter Tosh & Jimmy Cliff Canadian Tour 1982 not listed previously.
1982 September 08 – Northrop Auditorium, Minneapolis, MN, USA (with Jimmy Cliff).


1983 July 15 – unknown venue, Chicago,  IL, USA
July 15, 1983 Chicago (photo by Paul Natkin)

July 15, 1983 Chicago (photo by Paul Natkin)

July 15, 1983 Chicago (photo by Paul Natkin)

July 15, 1983 Chicago (photo by Paul Natkin)

One picture also from: 1982 September 11 – unknown venue, Chicago,  IL, USA
1983 December 18 – Somhlolo Stadium, Lobamba, Swaziland, Africa (with attached poster & ticket)
Peter did two shows (December 17 + 18) in the Somhlolo Stadium…



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