Midnight Raver’s Dreada Dub Mix Vol. 2: Roots, Riddims, Dubs & Vocals

It’s about time for me to bless you with the realness! 
Included here is a downright savage mix of CLASSIC VINYL heavy dub and vocal tracks.  All selections carefully placed by yours truly.  So download to your ipod, tell a friend, and dub out your mind…


Midnight Raver’s Dreada Dub Mix Vol. 2: Roots Riddms Dubs and Vocals
January 10, 2013
1. Earl Sixteen – Milk and Honey
2. Don Carlos – In Pieces (Version)
3. Don Carlos – Hog and Goat (Edit)
4. Don Carlos – Soldier Man A Come (Extended)
5. Bobby Kalphat – The War Is On
6. Ronnie Davis – Cover Dub
7. Max Romeo – Dis Dub Nah Free
8. Roots Radics – Pice Dub
9. Joe Gibbs & The Professionals – Third World
10. Wailing Souls – Kingdom Rise (Version)
11. Page One – Warrior and Babylon (Version)
12. Roots Radics – Falling Dub
13. King Tubby & The Aggrovators – Summer’s Eve
14. Max Romeo & Charmax Players – Version
15. Heptones – Book of Rules (Version)
16. Earth and Stone – Jah Will Cut You Down + Version
17. Scientist – Space Invaders/Regroup
18. Al Campbell – Gone Down the Drain/Version
Selections by Midnight Raver

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