Ras Michael invades Midnight Dread Radio Show!

Jamaican music pioneer Ras Michael joins Doug Wendt for an interview & performs ten scorchin’ double tracked original voice-overs on his best niyabingi based roots rock reggae songs live on the air in the seventh ever Midnight Dread program. Dub music also continues to be a major component in this January 21st, 1980 KTIM vintage reggae radio show. Debuting in September 1979, Midnight Dread appeared every two weeks late Sundays in 1980 before going weekly in March. It moved to San Francisco’s KQAK The Quake in 1984.
Broadcast regularly from San Francisco’s KUSF & KFOG into the 1990s, Midnight Dread now airs new shows daily:
http://worldOneradio.org/ 12am Pacific Time
More information & other archived programs: http://www.midnightdread.com/midnight.html
Press articles & clippings: http://www.midnightdread.com/PressPage3.html
Midnight Dread full up website: http://www.midnightdread.com
Doug Wendt’s live band: http://www.ghosttownsound.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Midnightdread


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