Barrington Levy, Live at the New Parish, Oakland, 2012

What you have here is a phenomenal performance by the one and only Barrington Levy, who runs through a set of 28 smash hits in front of a lively crowd.  Big Up to the taper JERMIAH from who captures the vibe perfectly.
Barrington Levy
December 16th, 2012 (Sun)
The New Parish,
Oakland, CA
Source: Sony ECM MS-907 Stereo Mic >
Sony MZ-NHF800 > PC > WAV > FLAC
Taper: Jermiah
01. Introduction ->
02. Do The Dance ->
03. Prison Oval Rock ->
04. Under Mi Sensi ->
05. My Time ->
06. Too Experienced 
07. Moonlight Lover ->
08. Mind Yu Mouth ->
09. Money Move ->
10. True Love ->
11. A Yah We Deh
12. Many Changes In Life ->
13. Teach The Youth
14. I Saw Mommy Kiss A Dreadlocks
15. Struggler
16. Living Dangerously
17. Poor Man Style ->
18. Shine Eye Girl ->
19. Love Me Like This -> 
20. Murderer ->
21. Collie Weed ->
22. Love Of Jah ->
23. Rock And Come In
24. Dance Hall Rock
25. She’s Mine ->
26. Black Roses ->
xx. Revolution ->
xx. If This World Were Mine ->
xx. Black Roses ->
27. On The Telephone (Mini Bus) ->
28. Here I Come
 “To tell you the truth.. I’m kind of sick, so if you can hold-on on the smoke so I can give you what you want” – Barrington Levy


3 thoughts on “Barrington Levy, Live at the New Parish, Oakland, 2012

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  3. I’m sure this was a great set, I would have loved to have gone… I hear he will be at JazzReggae Festival at UCLA this year though! That sounds like such an awesome concert I can’t wait to go

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