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Book Review: Catch A Fire by Timothy White (Joe Jurgensen)

You asked for it, now Joe provides!


#19 Bob Marley: Catch a Fire by Timothy White
Title: Bob Marley Catch a Fire
Author: Timothy White
Publisher: Several but main ones are Henry Holt/Owl (U.S.) and Omnibus (UK)
Year Published: 1983-Present
Pages: Most clock in around 500 + pages
Happy New Year!
What can I say about the book Catch a Fire by Timothy White that has not already been printed numerous times?  Really not too much. In my opinion it’s a fun biography.  I read it the first time my Freshman year of college in 1993 and again in 1996 on my way to Barbados. I have browsed through it numerous times since then and recently re-read it for this overview.  There are things I like and don’t like about it.  I like some of the details and the way the story moves fast.  Sometimes too fast though.  I don’t like the way White writes in a style that makes you think he was actually there or received facts about how things went down.  Much of the book is simply him conjuring up scenarios of what Bob might have said or what his grandfather might have said or done at a certain time. It’s simply make-believe to help fill in the story. There are errors throughout the book. Not only grammatical but more importantly factual. You would think by the 5th revised and updated copy they would correct things that have come to light since the first publication but all of it has stayed the same. More or less the only revisions that each edition would get were updates on the current Marley Estate shituations.


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