Bunny Wailer Threatening To Sue Snoop Lion For Being a Fraudulent Rasta

This is not irie. Snoop Lion is being threatened with a lawsuit by Bunny Wailer. The Reggae legend is accusing the Long Beach rapper recently turned Rasta of perpetrating a fraud to sell records and a movie. 
Last summer, Snoop Dogg announced he was now going by the Snoop Lion moniker after a long trip to Jamaica led him to an artistic epiphany. His next album, titled Reincarnated (accompanied by movie of the same title documenting his spiritual and musical journey), would be a Reggae project produced by Major Lazer. However, now Wailer believes that Snoop’s rapper turned Rasta shtick was just a ruse.
Read more at http://hiphopwired.com/2013/01/23/bunny-wailer-threatening-to-sue-snoop-lion-for-being-a-fraudulent-rasta/#h5sbvXopIQm0As6z.99


Like Jacob Miller say, “FALSE RASTA”



  1. Give Thanks to the Most High, 1 Rasta, strong enuff, and can’t be bought off, or sell out for the $$$$. This has hurt I&I Soul, even I youth after looking into the false ones eyes was not fooled. You don’t have to use God (Jah) to get paid, or make yo-self hot again. JAh chooses HIS OWN, at an early age, I come from the same streets, it’s so ez to serve the Devil for 40 years than buy yo soul back, The tru stand up in CPT, LB, SC and face gangs, peer pressure, babylon and the Snakes, and we represent the most HIGH. Apologize for all the youth you’ve led down the wrong path(death row), and mis-representing my people. Don’t run and tell all to Hollywood for a profit, the same way you profited from the ghetto, exposing game. Each One, Teach One… JAH RAS

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