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Bunny Wailer’s “Battering Down Sentence” 7-inch Original Press Vinyl (Solomonic) 1976

Included here is something special.  Bunny Wailer’s “Battering Down Sentence” (Solomonic) 1976 7″ original press vinyl 45rpm.  Most will know this tune as “Fighting Against Conviction” from the Blackheart Man album, which many consider to be the greatest reggae album ever pressed.  This earlier version of the tune has a different mix.  The version on the flip side is outstanding.  Big up to the MIDNIGHT DREAD for maintaining this original pressing in mint condition.  It will never leave the sleeve again!
A finer collective of musicians you will never find:
Producer : Bunny Wailer
Mixing Engineer : Karl Pitterson & Chris Blackwell
Engineer : Karl Pitterson & Errol Ross
Vocals : Bunny Wailer
Backing Vocals : Bunny Wailer & Bob Marley & Peter Tosh
Drums : Carlton Barrett
Bass : Robbie Shakespeare & Aston Barrett & Bunny Wailer & Karl Pitterson
Lead Guitar : Peter Tosh & Chinna & Eric Frater
Rhythm Guitar : Peter Tosh & Aston Barrett & Michael Murray
Keyboards : Aston Barrett & Tyrone Downie & Harold Butler & Touter Harvey
Horns : Bobby Ellis & Herman Marquis & Mark West & Tommy McCook & Dirty Harry
Flute : Tommy McCook
Acoustic Guitar : Bunny Wailer
Funde : Carlton Barrett & Bunny Wailer
Bongo : Bunny Wailer
Harp : Bunny Wailer
Percussions : N. Garrick & Bunny Wailer
Congos : Larry McDonald
Melodica : Peter Tosh
Timbales : Bunny Wailer
Studios :
Recording : Aquarius (Kingston, JA)




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