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DOC JAH’s Virtual Reggae Museum

From time to time I use this space to tell you about other reggae-related websites that I enjoy.  One of my favorites, and truly one of the most informed sites on the web is DOC JAH’s website is a living tribute to Bob Marley and the Wailers (plus Bob, Peter, and Bunny – the Holy Trinity) and roots reggae in general.  DOC JAH is a personal friend of all of us here at MIDNIGHT RAVER BLOG, and yes he is a real medical doctor!  He has made several significant contributions to the blog, including THIS POST about his experience at the Bob Marley and the Wailers Boston 1976 show.
His “Virtual Reggae Museum” contains information on many of the most important and influential reggae artists from the “golden age of reggae” and beyond.  Also included are DOC JAH’s original writings on various reggae-related topics and artists, and one of the best reggae archives on the web.
I invite you to visit DOC JAH’s website at  there is also a permalink to his site in the sidebar.





  1. fred says:

    doc jah is a rare person, someone who knows his reggae music, much raspect

    1 love

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