MIDNIGHT DREAD reggae radio program #6 with Melody Makers debut

as aired 33 years ago January 7th, 1980 – featuring this 1979 REGGAE NEWS and plenty nuff hot musical shots


“I had just finished wrapping up months of volunteer work editing this full up edition of the REGGAE NEWS when MIDNIGHT DREAD hit the airwaves on KTIM-FM from San Rafael, California in the fall of 1979. In this very early Monday morning January 7th 1980 radio show I refer to this newspaper to get Stephen, Ziggy, & Cedella Marley’s ages just right when premiering their first single “Children Playing In The Streets”. The Reggaeighties have officially started. The torch is being passed. Time traveling gets I & I forward.” -Doug Wendt for Midnight Raver, January 7th, 2013 midnightdread.com

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