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Pick Of The Week: ‘Strength Of My Life’ by Israel Vibration (Dubs included!)

This week’s album selection is a special one for me.  Israel Vibration’s Strength Of My Life was one of those albums that comes along at just the right moment in your life.  Right when you need guidance, reassurance, and a new hope, that album comes along and finds you at just the right moment.  Strength Of My Life is THAT album for me. 
Although the album has a much different sound and vibe than their previous 3 albums, it was recorded in Washington, D.C. and produced by Doctor Dread, founder and chief of RAS Records.  Doctor Dread is responsible for reuniting the Holy Trinity of Skelly, Apple, and Wiss, and bringing them to Lion & Fox recording studios, where studio engineer Jim Fox recorded, mixed, and mastered their first record to be recorded on US soil.  Click HERE to read my 3-part piece on the recording of this album.
It’s hard to believe that 2012 was the 25th anniversary of the release of this landmark album. 
So our good friend Doctor Dread, still active on the scene in Washington, DC (visit www.tafarimusic.com), made a substantial contribution to the MIDNIGHT RAVER archives last week.  I came home one night to find a huge box sitting on my front porch.  In the box were crucial RAS archives including books, posters, magazines, news clippings, vinyl, photos, and much more (including several of Doc’s personal RAS files)!  An unbelievable gesture from a man responsible for keeping roots reggae alive and kicking during the 80s and 90s when the market was cursed with soulless dancehall records and slackness.  One more thing, a likkle bird told me that Doctor Dread will be playing a more active role in the MIDNIGHT RAVER BLOG….soon come…


Until then, enjoy this album mix I put together which includes each album track followed by the dub track from Dub Vibration.





  1. robert a says:

    Man…your posts are great…plenty of great hidden and unhidden jewels. Looking forward to live concerts you unearth ……..


    1. marleyrkives says:

      Thanks for the kind words. Click “Live Performances” under the Archives tab to the right to access all the live stuff we have posted since launching.

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