Mikey Dread: King At The Controls

I specifically chose Mikey Dread for our logo because his spirit is alive here at MIDNIGHT RAVER BLOG.  He was the greatest selecta that ever lived.  He never selected anything but the strongest, the heaviest, the dopest tracks to play on his legendary radio show ‘Dread At The Controls.’  He also respected contributions made by artists in different genres, and famously worked with The Clash on many projects.  Most of all, he was known for his great spirit, golden heart, and love and respect for this music.  For these reasons, Mikey Dread embodies many of the same things that guide us here.  He will be greatly missed.  A fitting tribute for a giant in this movement.  All Killer, No Filler.  Not a weak track in the mix!
Also included here is a classic interview with Mikey Dread from Zig Zag, March, 1982.


ZZ Mar 82 p40

ZZ Mar 82 p41

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