Forward Exactly 33 Years; Midnight Dread KTIM Radioactive Mixology!

33 years to the day of its original Dread-cast late Sunday night/early Monday morning February 4th 1980 I mastered & digitized this eighth ever radio program off its original dolby chrome cassette. Musical curative curation that still needs airing. Several unique live-on-air radio mixes using as many sources as possible appear; supered & layered dub-wise selection without objection. Mostly recent releases. Good times for conscious sound judgement. Listen for the Pink Floyd mystery phone booth clue if you want to witness the world premiere of  “The Wall” that Thursday at L.A. Memorial Spots Arena courtesy of KTIM! “Let’s Make A Profit Out Of Our Problem” by Max Romeo & “Man Hungry” by Sugar Minott are a just a couple of its highlights:


 (Midnight Dread debuted in September 1979 on KTIM, commercial radio in the North Bay Area.  It moved to  KQAK The Quake in 1984 & later to KFOG, both major San Francisco rock stations. Other shows/news collected here on Midnight Raver’s Midnight Dread page: http://midnightraverblog.com/midnight-dread/ Broadcast regularly from San Francisco’s KUSF & KFOG into the 1990s, Midnight Dread now airs new shows daily: http://worldOneradio.org/ 12am Pacific Time More information & other archived programs: http://www.midnightdread.com/midnight.html)

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