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MIDNIGHT RAVER’S Dennis Emmanuel Brown Scorchers Mix

Here is a mix of some of my favorite Dennis Brown tracks.  I tried to select lesser known tracks to introduce you to some of his deeper stuff and I still ended up with 42 tracks!  So I reduced the 42 down to a tight 25-track mix, nothing but straight head shots.  So I split it into 2 volumes because large files tend to lock up on Mixcloud.  Mostly vinyl cuts but some from CD.  Not a bad song in the mix.  Not even an average song in the mix.  Just 22 DEB scorchers to vibe off of.


1. Dennis Brown – Intro
2. Dennis Brown – Open The Gate
3. Dennis Brown – Here I Come (Version)
4. Dennis Brown – Running Around (12″ mix)
5. Dennis Brown – Shaka The Warrior/Version
6. Dennis Brown – Lock and Key
7. Dennis Brown – Africa (We Want To Go)
8. Dennis Brown – Africa (Version)
9. Dennis Brown – Run Too Tuff
10. Dennis Brown – Mr. D. Brown (Dub)
11. Dennis Brown – Melting Pot
12. Dennis Brown – Black Liberation
13. Dennis Brown – Deliverance Will Come


1. 3 Meals A Day (Dub)
2. Dennis Brown – Rub A Dub All The Time
3. Dennis Brown – Want To Be No General
4. Dennis Brown – Milk and Honey
5. Dennis Brown – The Half (12″ mix)
6. Dennis Brown & Hugh Roy – The Other Half
7. Dennis Brown – Stay At Home/Natty On Top
8. Dennis Brown – Concrete Castle King
9. Dennis Brown – Created By The Father (extended mix)
10. Dennis Brown – Hooligan
11. Dennis Brown – So Jah Say
12. Dennis Brown – Man Next Door
13. Dennis Brown – Due Season
Here is a great article about the musical legacy of DEB written by Michael Turner.  It appeared in The Beat in 1999, just a few months after Dennis passed away at the young age of 42.

dennisbrown_musicallegend_beat (issn 1063-5319)_Page_1




  1. John Moseley says:

    Thanks so much for this uplifting music.

    1. marleyrkives says:

      Thanks for the support

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