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Peter Tosh Live, Beacon Theater, NYC, 1976

Included here is rare video footage of Peter Tosh being interviewed and performing unplugged before his two-night stand at the Beacon Theater in NYC on October 16/17, 1976.



Robert Palmer wrote about the show in the October 18, 1976 issue of the New York Times in an article titled “Peter Tosh performs with new reggae band.”

“Peter Tosh, an original member of the reggae supergroup the Wailers, created an impression of abundant if somewhat unfocused talent with his recent solo album of Columbia records. When the album was good, it was so good that it surpassed the recent efforts of Bob Marley, who now leads the Wailers and has been almost singlehandedly responsible for making reggae a force in American pop music.

Mr. Tosh performed at the Beacon Theater Saturday evening with a superb reggae band from Jamaica and confirmed both the positive and negative impres sions left by his album. His performance of each tune started confidently, hit a swaying, hypnotic reggae groove, and then was allowed to slowly wind down, with Mr. Tosh obliviously banging out a basic rhythm on his guitar and leaving the band members to agree among themselves on when to stop.

But Mr. Tosh writes wonderfully catchy tunes and sings in a warm, engaging baritone, and the band he assembled for his first American tour is the equal of the current Wailers when it is charging full steam ahead. Robbie Shakespeare, the bassist, and Sly, the drummer, make a solid and empathetic rhythm team, with the drummer favoring a fancier, more overtly polyrhythmic style than that of the Wailers’ Carlton Barrett. Both Mr, Tosh’s guitarists have recorded with Mr Marley, and both are excellent on rhythm and lead, with Donald Kinsey handling the more jazz‐like solos while Al Ander• son inserts stinging, Keith Richard‐like treble‐string fills.”

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The Beacon Theatre is a historic theater at 2124 Broadway (at West 74th Street) on Broadway in Upper West Side, Manhattan, New York City. The 2,894-seat, three-tiered theatre was designed by Chicago architect Walter W. Ahlschlager and opened in 1929 as a movie palace for motion pictures and vaudeville. Today it is one of New York’s leading live music and entertainment venues, under the management of the Madison Square Garden Company.

Peter Tosh live at the Beacon Theater 1976


Peter Tosh 1976


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