TODAY & SUNDAY! Don’t dare miss RIFFIN’ w/ Dermot Hussey

THE FRIDAY RIFF 2/1, 7 pm: FAST FORWARD, to AFRICAN HEAD CHARGE, their spiritual dub Sound. SLY & ROBBIE’S ‘LA TRENGGAE’, and the rhythm twins in BRAZIL. Three new singles by Tarrus Riley. One new single by JAH CURE.
THE SUNDAY RIFF,1/27, 5.15 pm: The banjo, an African derived instrument, has been mainly popularized today, by banjoist, BELA FLECK.  Gustavo Dudamel, highlights Mexican composer Arturo Marquez. A jazz interpretation of the film Music of Nina Rota, by accordionist, RICHARD GALLIANO. Concerto for Jazz Quintet and Chamber Orchestra, By Chick Corea. The choral music of Dave Brubeck.
RIFFIN’ Produced and Presented by Dermot Hussey.
FRIDAYS: 7.05 PM JA TIME, 8.05 pm US
SUNDAYS:  5.15 pm JA Time, 6.15pm US


Photo by Brian Jahn

2 thoughts on “TODAY & SUNDAY! Don’t dare miss RIFFIN’ w/ Dermot Hussey

  1. Thank you Midnight Raver

    I really appreciate your effort and much respect to you. Reggae is sweet, sweet, sweet!

    Thank you so much!

    John Moseley Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

    Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2013 13:06:39 +0000 To:

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