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Very rare Marley demo leaked

Included is a very rare demo, probably recorded around 1978 with Lee “Scratch” Perry’s involvement.  Only a handfull of  collectors own this tape, however, it was leaked this morning.  Many thanks to whoever leaked it.
Here is an excerpt from Stephen Davis’ biography on Bob Marley:

come we


Many thanks to MIDNIGHT RAVER BLOG Co-Editor Fred “Reggaelover” P for his crucial input.






  1. Tj says:

    I have this collection and this song is not from it…unless your source is mistaken of this songs origin.

    1. marleyrkives says:

      OK, point taken. Where is it from? I’m just relaying information that was given to me by a very reliable source.

      1. Tj says:

        True…i dont know where it’s from..
        It aint on my tapes. The ‘denise mills ‘
        Identifying tag for that collection comes from me and a friend. So to think another has tapes labelled that ‘denise mills” is not possible.. Especially since what i have and call ‘denise mills’ does not include that song..mistaken source you have, i think.

        Either way, glad he changed the lyrics these are very weak..

        Truth, rasta..

  2. Harry says:

    I have too dig in my collection, (stalled away for over 10 years ago) but i know this song and heard it on a B side, i think it is before the Uprising period…At that time (mid 80’s) there were a lot of records coming out presuming New! and unknown songs, but i think it was written in the time between Survival and Uprising…never the less its is so pure and sure nice to here it again.

    1. marleyrkives says:

      Probably around 1978.

  3. D.J. "Green Lion" Winston says:

    My Exec. Producer sent me this before I saw it was posted.
    I’m not sure if the labels own these tapes (maybe you guys can help me with that), but if so they should definitely do a Deluxe Edition to Confrontation to bring the trilogy more together for young fans like me who weren’t around when these tapes were being passed around. It’s nuts how a lot of these tapes keep popping up!! Keep your eyes out for tapes like Black Uhuru’s Sinsemilla & Red dub tapes, because they DO exist! They were just “misplaced” at Island Records.

  4. Nettie I says:

    whom ever the source, which ever the betta lyrics, more Bob, rare Bob, ever welcome!

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