Very rare Marley demo leaked

Included is a very rare demo, probably recorded around 1978 with Lee “Scratch” Perry’s involvement.  Only a handfull of  collectors own this tape, however, it was leaked this morning.  Many thanks to whoever leaked it.
Here is an excerpt from Stephen Davis’ biography on Bob Marley:

come we


Many thanks to MIDNIGHT RAVER BLOG Co-Editor Fred “Reggaelover” P for his crucial input.




  1. I have this collection and this song is not from it…unless your source is mistaken of this songs origin.

      • True…i dont know where it’s from..
        It aint on my tapes. The ‘denise mills ‘
        Identifying tag for that collection comes from me and a friend. So to think another has tapes labelled that ‘denise mills” is not possible.. Especially since what i have and call ‘denise mills’ does not include that song..mistaken source you have, i think.

        Either way, glad he changed the lyrics these are very weak..

        Truth, rasta..

  2. I have too dig in my collection, (stalled away for over 10 years ago) but i know this song and heard it on a B side, i think it is before the Uprising period…At that time (mid 80’s) there were a lot of records coming out presuming New! and unknown songs, but i think it was written in the time between Survival and Uprising…never the less its is so pure and sure nice to here it again.

  3. Wicked!
    My Exec. Producer sent me this before I saw it was posted.
    I’m not sure if the labels own these tapes (maybe you guys can help me with that), but if so they should definitely do a Deluxe Edition to Confrontation to bring the trilogy more together for young fans like me who weren’t around when these tapes were being passed around. It’s nuts how a lot of these tapes keep popping up!! Keep your eyes out for tapes like Black Uhuru’s Sinsemilla & Red dub tapes, because they DO exist! They were just “misplaced” at Island Records.

  4. whom ever the source, which ever the betta lyrics, more Bob, rare Bob, ever welcome!

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