MIDNIGHT RAVER’S “Selector’s Choice Mix: Little John”

I was thumbing through this book the other day called “Reggae Inna De Dance,” which was graciously donated to the MIDNIGHT RAVER archives by Doctor Dread.  Published by the Volcano label in the early 1980’s, it contains rare interviews and bio pieces on many of the early dancehall singers.  I came across an interview with Little John and Ranking Toyan and I had not listened to these guys in years.  So I delved into the archives and pulled together a murderous mix of Little John’s finest for you.  Oh, and I’m also posting the interview.



Scanned Image

Scanned Image 18a

Scanned Image 18b

Scanned Image 19a

One thought on “MIDNIGHT RAVER’S “Selector’s Choice Mix: Little John”

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