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‘Changing of the Guards’

These “thoughts” were shared by Mr. Lloyd Stanbury on his FB page.  Very true what he speaks:
Yet another Reggae Month has come to an end, and as is customary I try to reflect on what we have achieved, and where we are headed from a Jamaican perspective.
For me the highlight of Reggae Month 2013 in Jamaica has been the clear indication, and acceptance by many, that there is indeed a “Movement” taking place that is led by a group of energetic and bright young people with deep spiritual and cultural convictions. 
I refer to recording and performing artists like Protoje, Jah 9, Chronixx, Kabaka Pyramid, Raging Fyah, Pentateuch, Iba Mahr, Sky Grass, Di Blueprint, as well as their colleagues mostly from the ManifestoJA youth organization, who provide behind the scenes admin and other professional support. At the risk of being criticized for leaving names out, I will still go ahead and mention persons such as Kareece Lawrence, Lesley Ann Welsh, Duane McDonald, Taj Francis, and Dutty Bookman. Together this group of young musical, visual, and literary artists and administrators have engineered and directed the path of what many are now calling the “Reggae Revival”.
The “Reggae Revival” would not be possible without the input of a few “elders” and “old guards” of the local music fraternity. I would mention among these Ibo Cooper, for his tremendous contribution as music teacher at the Edna Manley College, Billy “Mystic” Wilmot, for providing the live performance space at Jamnesia when there were almost no other opportunities, and, Tony Rebel, as a festival promoter, for sticking to it for 20 years with Rebel Salute exposing positive Reggae music at all times.
The “Reggae Revival” is happening for sure, but not without its challenges, as is customary when change takes place. For example, there is evidence of a disconnection between the new youth movement and some from the older generation of Reggae music standard bearers. This disconnect manifests in the form of the inability of some youths to directly relate to some of those who paved the way for them. On the other hand, there are several music industry “elders” who seem unwilling to let go and allow the younger generation to lead while they provide guidance and support. Some people just seem to get carried away by their self created “Gate Keeper” status. Who the cap fits, let them wear it.
Its time to change the guards, and join the “Reggae Revival” wagon. This is one occasion where I will welcome all “wagonists”.
One Love,
Lloyd Stanbury


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