Midnight Raver Interviews Flabba Holt

I had the pleasure of interviewing the great bass player and spiritual leader of the Roots Radics while he was in Washington DC to play the historic Howard Theatre with Israel Vibration.  While I am busy writing a proper story based on this interview, here is a short teaser for you…and this is an exclusive.  What Flabba gave me, in an interview where I sat in his hotel room while he went back and forth between theatrically acting out the past 30+ years of his storied career and cooking his Jamaican chicken and rice dish (using a hot pot on the desk), has never been divulged to anyone.  Since I did not expect this interview to go off, I did not bring my high-dollar Olympus flash recorder (lesson learned).  I did, however, have my trusty Blackberry and was able to capture the interview albeit in average audio quality.
So here is Flabba talking about why the Radics, who could choose to play alongside any touring artist, have chosen to stick by Israel Vibration for the past 25 years.  If you have trouble understanding him through the patois, you may have to listen a few times to get the gist of it.


Flabba, Scientist, and Roy Cousins at Channel One


Photo by Pekka Vuorinen (previously unreleased)

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