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Hugh Mundell “Rasta Have The Handle” (Jah Guidance) 10″ vinyl

Hugh Mundell’s deadly “Rasta Have The Handle” was just reissued by the Jah Guidance label as the B-side to “Red, Gold, and Green.”  The dub version on this extended mix is the hardest thing I’ve ever heard from the radics.  Three things to really concentrate on when listening:  Flabba’s bass line, Style Scott’s drums, and Headly’s sax.  This tune is too wicked for words!
“The Roots Radics were at their most incendiary and Hugh Mundell at the height of his young power on this masterful 7” single from 1982. The riddim is one of the Radics’ most dread, a big, booming backing driven by drummer Lincoln “Style” Scott and bassist Earl “Flabba” Holt, with Winston “Bo Peep” Bowen’s lead guitar flicking like flames across the piece.  Overhead, Felix “Deadly Headly” Bennett’s saxophone soars and wails in jazzy, melancholy reply to Mundell’s vocals, emphasizing his words here, heightening the mood he’s creating elsewhere. Mundell himself is fabulous, his soulful performance accentuating his Rasta conquer all theme. One of Mundell’s best cuts for producer Henry “Junjo” Lawes, this powerful number kicked off the singer’s Mundell album, which was released that same year.”
                                                                         -Jo-Anne Greene, AllMusic





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