Misty In Roots “Bail Out” 12″ Vinyl (People Unite)

What a perfect tune to play today as the vampire leaves the Vatican, fat from sucking the blood of the children.  At the same time, here in the U.S., the politrixters prepare to place a Band-Aid on the gaping, infected wound that is the failing U.S. economy.  Shame on all of these godless politrixters, from the head down in this Babylon town.  Babylon is falling, and we get to witness it first-hand.

“Bail out, bail out, bail out
Babylon’s sinking…”

“Bail Out” is the stunning opener to Misty In Roots’ ‘Wise and Foolish’ LP, an album which plays in my head constantly.  Formed in Southall in 1974, the band’s debut album ‘Live at the Counter Eurovision’ (1979) remains the benchmark against which British reggae is judged and is generally held as on of the very best live reggae albums of all time.




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