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Peter Tosh: “Can’t Blame The Youth” campaign!

The Estate of Peter Tosh is running a campaign via social media platforms.  The 4 part campaign is under the banner of “Can’t Blame The Youth.”
1) Submissions: Fans from all over the world can submit their ideas to improve their communities.
2) Members of the Tosh family will choose finalists from the most realistic and impactful submissions
3) The Tosh estate will launch a crowdrise campaign with some partner artists to raise money to fund the project.
4) The project will be launched in partnership with a local agency with oversight instructions in place.
According to the estate, the campaign carries on Peter’s legacy, and is an amazing application of the message behind the song to put the power in the hands of the youth.
Something along these lines: @PeterTosh said you #CantBlameTheYouth rise up now to improve your community! Details at
People can enter via an app on the Facebook page at
Here is a neat little piece of history.  This clipping is taken from Swing Magazine, July/August 1975 and it features a young Peter Tosh performing on stage and a reggae Top 40 singles chart which includes singles by all 3 Wailers!





  1. Rona says:

    Who’s the brain child behind this, ….. IrIe jah bless…I come from a background of youth and community work. I have been involved mostly with youth at risk and disadvantage students from mainstream, developed youth programme and projects, however I know longer practice. I am not going to enter but I am happy to forward ideas…I’ll send you an email attachment of the these. I decided to research on Trenchtown where I believe there is a crucial need for safety measures. But I want to focus on the local high school youth. There is a willingness and motivation for these youth to develop and to reach their full potential given the opportunity. I need an email address where to send my attachments. Thank you very much and hopefully you give me this opportunity to be part of such beauty…..I look forward to your reply…1Love jah bless.

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