Peter Tosh talks MTV in 1983 (Rare print interview)

It is a pleasure to share this print interview with everyone here who supports Midnight Raver.  That is because this is a rarity even among collectors.  Most do not even know it exists!  Tosh is in Boston July 1983 to play the Plaza Castle w/ Boston’s own I-Tones (a date which we documented here for the very first time!).  The Plaza Castle was a cavernous entertainment venue associated with Boston’s Park Plaza Hotel.  Today, it is a popular space for corporate events.
He is interviewed by Tristram Lozaw of the local indie paper Boston Rock.  The interview appears in issue #41.  Interesting to hear Tosh speak on MTV just as it was emerging as a popular medium for music and videos.


One thought on “Peter Tosh talks MTV in 1983 (Rare print interview)

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