Wailers play ‘Survival’ start to finish, Washington, DC, January 13, 2013

*This is a repost of an earlier posting about the Wailers’ 2013 Survival tour.  It has been updated with the addition of the set list from the show.  Autographed by Aston “Family Man” Barrett.
This is an exclusive download you will only find here at the MIDNIGHT RAVER BLOG!
Included here is my recording of the Wailers’ performance at the historic Howard Theatre in Washington, DC on January 13, 2013.  After a well-received multimedia presentation by Roger Steffens, the Wailers take the stage to perform the Survival album.  According to Steffens, this is the first time the Wailers are touring on an album in more than 40 years.  While I am not a fan of the Wailers in particular (I find that a Wailers band without Bob is just not as intriguing…sorry), I must say that I really enjoyed this show.  Why?  2 reasons.  These songs are timeless…they never get old – and hearing them played live by a truly talented band gives the songs new life.  2. Drummie Zeb is the touring drummer for the Wailers, and has been, with a few breaks, since 1999.  He owned the stage.  His energy was infectious.  In my opinion (and I’ve watched him since he was drumming for Richmond, VA’s Awareness Art Ensemble)  his future status as a legendary reggae drummer is all but inevitable.
This is a partial recording.  During the first encore break, I ran into Roger Steffens, who graciously took me backstage to see Family Man and Zeb.  We vibed backstage during the break.  When I told Fams how great they sounded (and they were tight tonight) he replies “Wailers like de moon that neva set.”  I had the most interesting conversation with the Tour Manager Rich, who has been Fams’ personal assistant for more than 11 years.  More soon come from him!
As for the recording, pretty standard audience recording. 
The Wailers
Survival Tour 2013
Howard Theatre
920 T Street, NW
Washington, DC
January 13, 2013
Olympus WS 803 Flash Recorder > WAV > Audacity > (amplified tracks 5 dB) > FLAC 8
1. “So Much Trouble in the World” 
2. “Zimbabwe”
3. “Top Rankin'”
4. “Survival”
5. “Africa Unite”
6. “One Drop”
7. “Ride Natty Ride”
8. “Ambush in The Night”
9. “Wake Up And Live”
Here is the setlist from the show that Roger Steffens gave to me.  Autographed by Family Man.


Aston “Family Man” Barrett – Bass
Drummie Zeb – Drums
Dangling – Vocals
Keith Sterling – Keys
Audley Chisholm – Rhythm Guitar
Maria Smith – Backing vocals
Racquel Hinds – Backing vocals


Taped, Tracked, Shared by MIDNIGHT RAVER

3 thoughts on “Wailers play ‘Survival’ start to finish, Washington, DC, January 13, 2013

  1. Missed the show due to work.
    But im taping Midnite, israel vibration and michael rose at the Howard..should meet up?
    Anyway.. The wailers arent the wailers.. The only one in the band is Aston, now if the remaining guys joined maybe using the name ‘the wailers’ would apply..otherwise its a cover band featuring Aston barrett…

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