7s and 12s: Old To The New!

Today I’m sharing a selection of several vital 7″ and 12″ singles from my collection.  Some are original presses and some are recent represses.

Here is another great 7″ from my collection.  Dennis Brown’s “My Time” released on the Observer label.  Wicked version on this one.  Enjoy!


Here is a 12″ repress on Lee “Scratch” Perry’s Black Ark label.  The tune, Righteous Flame’s “Jah Jah Words” is actually the B-side to LSP’s “Silver Locks” 12″.  Great tune with an even better version.


Here is a repress of Prince Far-I’s “Red Sea” on the Coptic Lion label.  Coptic Lion has repressed some great tunes lately and the vinyl and sound quality are superb.


Here is a repress of Horace Andy’s “Children of Israel” recently released on the Pressure Sounds label.  An Augustus Pablo production.


Here we have another Pressure Sounds repress.  Don Prendes’ “Ska-Ba-Doo-Be-Day” on 7″ heavyweight vinyl.


Another deadly Wackies tune from Joe Morgan.  This one is straight killer with no filler.  “Basement Session” on the City Line/Wackies imprint.


A gorgeous slab of roots from the production team of Michael and Geoffrey Chung. Mikey Chung wrote and arranged the song and the production by Geoffrey Chung is totally sympathetic to Keith Goode’s excellent vocal delivery. This is the first time this tune has been re-issued since it originally appeared in the mid 70s. The first pressing is limited to just 600 copies on 7″ and comes in a re-cycled Pressure Sounds sleeve and hand-stamped bag. An absolute belter of a song that has been versioned in recent years. But this is the original. Mastered to perfection in all its original glory.