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Bunny Wailer “Collieman” / “Trouble On The Road Again” (Solomonic) 12″

One of my favorite Bunny tunes from the Rock & Groove/Rootsman Skanking era.  You may also recognize this tune as “Riding.”  Really nice vibes here.  An entire song about 1) Looking for herb 2) Getting herb 3) Smoking herb.  Relax and enjoy your life vibes…

“And if the chalice is nowhere around,
Bring the kuchie come!
Bring the kuchie come, and mek we lick it til it bun,
Bring the kuchie come!”

Killer vibes from Bunny Wailer here…


Here is an article that appeared in the UK’s Guardian newspaper on June 28, 1990.





  1. molly says:

    Please post all the lyrics to collyman. I can’t find them anywhere on the Internet.

    1. luton says:

      good call! i cant find collyman lyrics any where either

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