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EXCLUSIVE! Midnight Dread’s Peter Tosh Tribute Show, September 1987

MIDNIGHT RAVER BLOG Co-Editor and world renown reggae broadcaster MIDNIGHT DREAD has allowed us to share a piece of reggae radio history tonight.  On September 15, 1987, just 4 days after Peter Tosh was brutally slain in his home, Midnight Dread took to the airwaves on San Francisco’s KFOG and unleashed 60 minutes of pure, unadulterated truth and rights – word, sound, and power – a legendary broadcast to memorialize the Steppin’ Razor that sets a new standard for thoughtful, soulful, and righteous dialogue about reggae on the airwaves.  JAH spoke through Dread for 60 minutes and the world was listening.

The show carries such a heavy vibe that it was never played again.  UNTIL NOW!

MIDNIGHT DREAD has agreed to broadcast 11 minutes from this legendary broadcast on the MIDNIGHT RAVER BLOG just for our readers and fans.  Know how special this is.  Included in the segment is audio from MIDNIGHT DREAD’S interview with Peter Tosh in 1983 – the very same interview featured throughout the Steppin’ Razor Red X documentary.

Give thanks for the unveiling of this audio nearly 30 years after the original broadcast.

Please support MIDNIGHT DREAD’S archiving efforts and web site at www.midnightdread.com.  The Sept. 15th 1987 “Peter Tosh Memorial Program” in it’s entirety is available for purchase on the site.  There are also a ton of reggae rarities available through his Exclusives Online Store: http://www.midnightdread.com/online.html.

Below is the original poster from the U.S premiere run for STEPPIN’ RAZOR RED X at the Roxie Theatre in San Francisco’s Mission District.


Also, here is a rare interview with Tosh from Record Mirror magazine, April 30, 1983.




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