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‘On The Road With Bob Marley: Mark Miller A White Knight in Babylon’


For nearly the past five years English readers have been deprived of a very revealing and important book in the Marley catalogue. Mark Miller, along with Dennis Thompson were the roadies, instrument techs, stage and sound managers for Bob Marley & The Wailers. Dennis worked the stage monitors and sound including the set-up of Carly’s drums while Mark handled all of the other instruments and amps including Bob’s guitar. After much thought (and prodding by friends and family including his son Harrison), Mark finally penned his story for book form. The first tour stop for publishing it was France in 2007. With the help of reggae authority Bruno Blum in France, Mark’s book was put into print and Wailers lovers have been fortunate ever since.  The only problem for a guy like me and many others is that it was only published in France (twice) and once in Germany over the past five years. Although I’ve had all three editions in my truthbrary since publication, I’m unable to read them and therefore could not enjoy and experience the incredible journey Mark went on for nearly three years.  The photos included in the book are fantastic but I always yearned to read the text.





  1. T says:

    I just ordered the english version. I’m looking forward to reading this book.

  2. Vinícius Brandão says:

    Great post! I´ll not wait the portuguese version and I´ll order to brazil right now!!

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