“Book Of Rules”

While The Heptones AKA Leroy Sibbles, Earl Morgan, and Barry Llewellan,  are most closely related with Lee Perry’s Black Ark studio (they notoriously recorded 1978’s Party Time there), it is at Harry J’s where they record their most memorable hit “Book Of Rules” in 1973.  Based on a short poem by American poet RL Sharpe titled “A Bag Of Tools,” the tune is brilliantly used in the film Rockers to introduce Jamaica, the people of Jamaica, and the riddim of the island to the viewer, in the legendary scene where Rasta ride the bike throughout the island. (SEE THIS FILM, SEEN?)

This tune has a lovely sweet spot that gets me every time.  In the final verse:

“Look when the rain has fallen from the sky,
I know the sun will be only missing for a little while”
Though things might be bad at the moment, the sun will soon shine on again.  Lesson inna my life!

3 thoughts on ““Book Of Rules”

  1. Seen! And agreed. One of the seminal songs and moments in the history of reggae and Jam down culture. I include it on most of my personal classics playlists. You do fabulous work! I’m excited. Just found out the Skatalites are playing at Solarfest. A little country Vermont music fest. I just about flipped. They’re not even headliners? and most people don’t know what kind of history and righteous fine music they’re going to be seeing. We’ve got a great experience in store here in the Green mountains! Cho!

    MaryJane Sarvis

    maryjaneartwear.com maryjanecolors.com

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