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Big Youth live on air November 15th 1975 -THE REGGAE EXPLOSION- KTIM AM & FM

This is the first time this has been available since the day of its broadcast in 1975 on last free-form commercial station KTIM airing from San Rafael, just north of San Francisco where a legendary debut west coast Big Youth concert had just happened days before with so much behind the scenes chicanery it hit the daily papers. It’s worth exploring deeper at a later time. In short the California Hall evening turned morning was well attended yet sabotaged in effect when a rival producer/promoter supposedly lured Youth away upon arrival at SFO airport & proceeded to ‘drive him to the show the quickest way’ by taking the route south away from the City, along the south bay, then up the other side through Oakland then near Napa or somewhere, and finally south again for half an hour into the City, or at least according to some reports that were foggily plied from the get go. Back on stage Big was surely as surely is, “soon come”.

So Youth got to see the Golden Gate Bridge ‘on the way’ from the San Francisco airport & soon hit classic California Hall, the Polk Street venue up the block from the Federal Building. Alas many at the “Big Youth Concert” started bailing out asking for refunds as M.C. & Disc Jockey Tony Moses & The Soul Syndicate valiantly tried & vamped to keep the restless crowd placated for hours. Eventually the naw-give-uppers whooped in joy as Youth stormed the stage, and he was beyond fantastic, at his height in his prime, as you can hear expressed radio wise in this 28 minute interview/dub section from The Reggae Explosion program, big & broad from yard, live from 3:30pm-4pm on a Saturday afternoon, where Manley Buchanan double-tracks along with some serious selections, and speaks with passion, reverence, vision, a bit about ‘the concert controversy’, U Roy, & and well “you know the thing is” as Big Youth say “people just work their soul away day after day.” Another very late night & “right on” afternoon story in reggaeology:



From 1974-1977 “The Reggae Explosion”, a groundbreaking USA commercial radio reggae program aired on KTIM AM/FM in San Rafael, California. It was hosted by KTIM DJ Cody Ryan & Doug Wendt. Pioneering USA reggae radio DJ Tony (Moses) Wright, then from KPOO, KDIA, & KPFA often joined them. When ‘Dread Eye’ Cody became Program Director at KTIM in 1979 he offered Doug his own two hour reggae intensified presentation which first aired Sundays live at 12am. So that’s why Cody named it “Midnight Dread




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