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Heptones ‘Cool Rasta’ (Trojan)

Nobody does it quite like The Heptones.  True Rasta sympathizers.  This album STAYS on rotation in the BASS-ment and has since I got it in 1996.  “Cool Rasta Cool…sit back and meditate.”

Don’t miss track 3 “Peace & Harmony”

“I would like to live free and easy,
Knowing that the world
Is living just like me.”

Other highlights include “Dreadlock” (Track 5), “Suffering So” (Track 6), and of course the real chiller “Over and Over” (Final Track).

Recorded at Harry Js, and mixed by Sylvan Morris, 1976.

This is the kind of album that changes lives.  It changed the way I listen to reggae, now appreciating what a truly talented singer brings to the tune.  CAREFUL!  When you press play, you will no longer be the same person you were before..  Jah Bless The Heptones…

Cool Rasta
Black On Black
Peace And Harmony
Do Good To Everyone
Suffering So
Wah Go Home
Over And Over




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