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Raver Reviews: Midnite ‘Unpolished’

Midnite Unpolished

Upon it’s second release in 2001 on the Rastafaria label (it was originally released in Namibia, Africa in December 1997), reggae critics and album reviewers the world over recognized this album as one of the best reggae albums ever made.  The popular and credible Reggae Reviews web site in giving it “5 heads” said this of Unpolished:

“Midnite’s first 3 albums form a triumvirate as impressive as any trio of albums in the history of reggae, and the group has single-handedly set a bold new standard for modern roots.”

The debut album, recorded at East Coast Flava in Washington, DC on a 2-track recorder and using no mixer, equalization, overdubs, effects (the drums weren’t even mic’d!), is a stunning display of roots and culture inna whole new style.

Worlds Music called it “quite possibly the greatest reggae album ever recorded.”  Like most, my introduction to Midnite’s sound came through ‘Rule The Time’ their first wide release in 2000.  While I liked it very much, I did start to think of it as contrived, even a novelty, after listening for a while.  13 years later, and with a much better ear for what is good reggae music, I now appreciate these reviews and I have come to the conclusion that while Unpolished is not the greatest reggae album ever made, it is probably the best roots reggae album in 15 years.  Hear for yourself…


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