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Dermot Hussey now on Midnight Raver!

Beginning tomorrow, Dermot Hussey’s popular radio show/podcast titled ‘RIFFIN‘ will be shared here EXCLUSIVELY on MIDNIGHT RAVER.  As you know, we have gladly and actively promoted this quality broadcast by the legendary broadcaster as he documents and critiques new releases in the world, jazz, and reggae genres.  It is one of the only webcasts devoted to reggae and world music.  The show is particularly unique because Hussey brings with him an ear for, and knowledge of the music gained from more than 30 years as a Jamaican radio and reggae broadcaster and documentarian.  He co-authored the Bob Marley biography ‘Bob Marley: Reggae King of the World‘ (which was recently reviewed by Joe HERE) and produced the Bob Marley interview released on Marley’s album Talkin’ Blues.  He was a personal friend of both Marley and Peter Tosh along with a host of other foundation reggae artists, was awarded the prestigious Jamaican Musgrave Medal for his lifelong contributions to media and music, and he is currently the host of The Joint with Dermot Hussey on Sirius/XM radio’s The Joint from 3:00 pm – 9:00 pm ET daily.

‘Riffin’ will be webcast through MIXCLOUD every Wednesday here at Midnight Raver on the DERMOT HUSSEY’S RIFFIN’ page.  In addition, the archived shows will also be available for listen on the page.

As humbling as it is to acknowledge, we now have two reggae radio legends webcasting on MIDNIGHT RAVER in Midnight Dread and Dermot Hussey.

Big tings a gwaan!





  1. yes, Dermott. Greetings from the Swiss ‘Beacon of Hope’ backing tracka! One Love. Fizzè

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