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Remembering Dennis Brown, Reggae’s polite Prince among Men

The historic Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco’s African-American Fillmore district was the site of many eclectic & electric shows in the 1960s as presented by rock impresario Bill Graham, who famously gave up his Fillmore West & East (New York City) clubs in the early 1970s when the music business gained the world & lost its soul, an old story made new again & again. The posters for those shows are extremely valuable. Graham reopened the club in the 1980s with an amazing reggae show headlined by Alpha Blondy. Before it was closed again by the very serious October 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake The Fillmore continued to showcase a number of reggae & world music artists, often in “Reggaefests” as in this great 1988 show with Dennis Emmanuel Brown, one of music’s shining lights who flew away home on this date in 1999. I’ve been struck with the many remembrances expressed today that stress what an all around thoughtful gentleman Dennis was, from his early age entry into the scene straight on through. The Fillmore reopened after extensive anti-earthquake retrofitting in 1994 and continues to present all kinds of music to this day. I’ll soon be featuring other Fillmore reggae world posters from the 1980s. Until then Dennis helps make sure “Some Like It Hot” this summer in a “Musical Heatwave” as a cool breeze wafts his & Lloyd Park’s banner.




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