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Who? Bob Marley

Title: Who? Bob Marley
Author: Hannah; Illustrator: White Whale
Publisher: Dasan Books
Year: June 15, 2012
Pages: 194
ISBN: 9788963707570
Keeping with the children’s book theme, here is a pretty cool book I just picked up. It will for sure be included in the next edition of the bibliography and will land in the illustration chapter. In fact this is a very nice illustrated book. The style is very pleasing to the eyes and the story they tell (at least what I can follow in the illustrations) hits all the high points of Bob’s life. Interspersed throughout  the illustrations are pages of photographs and text about different subjects from Marley to Jamaica, Rastafari, partial Island discography,  and different seminal producers. The book is part of a sixty book series this being #60. The book is entirely in Korean so I can’t  decipher what the sections at the back are talking about but there seems to be a place for kids to write notes and other sort of charts. But all in all this is a very nice book for a Marley book collection. As with all illustration books, the drawings can be enjoyed by all even if you can’t read the language. My three year old daughter has enjoyed looking through it. Just a likkle something different for you this time around.
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