Album Pick of the Week: ‘Legalize It’ by Peter Tosh

This week’s album selection is, in my humble opinion, the best-produced reggae album ever recorded.  That is a bold statement when one considers the quality of the albums recorded by each of the three Wailers members.  When I interviewed Bob Marley & the Wailers’ guitarist Al Anderson last year I asked him about his experience recording this album and his thoughts on the album’s place in history.  Anderson’s guitar licks on this album are sparse yet placed perfectly in every track.  His playing hear is really jawdropping to be quite honest.  Just check his solo on “Til Your Well Runs Dry.”  He said that he would place the album just behind Bunny Wailer’s ‘Blackheart Man,’ which he says is the best reggae album ever recorded.

I own both an original pressing and 180g repress of this album.  The album transferred here is the 180g repress.  When you listen and compare both copies, the repress has a fuller sound and I hear new sounds every time I play it.  If you’ve only listened to this album on a CD or cassette then you are in for a real treat as there really is no comparison.  The repress almost sounds like a different album altogether.

One final note here, and an important one.  I cannot over-emphasize the quality of the production here.  Engineers Jerry Smith and Karl Pitterson have engineered a masterpiece in ‘Legalize It.’  While you listen,just think about the production quality of most of the reggae albums from this period.  This album’s production is stellar even by today’s standards.  Every instrument is clearly audible, crisp sounding, and each note is placed and amplified in the mix perfectly.  It is a perfect album in every sense.


Peter Tosh – Legalize It
Peter Tosh – Burial
Peter Tosh – Whatcha Gonna Do
Peter Tosh – No Sympathy
Peter Tosh – Why Must I Cry
Peter Tosh – Igziabeher (Let Jah Be Praised)
Peter Tosh – Ketchy Shuby
Peter Tosh – Till Your Well Runs Dry
Peter Tosh – Brand New Second Hand

Producer : Peter Tosh

Engineer : Jerry Smith & Karl Pitterson

Vocals : Peter Tosh
Drums : Carlton Barrett
Bass : Robbie Shakespeare & Aston Barrett
Guitar : Peter Tosh & Al Anderson
Keyboards : Tyrone Downie

Studios :
Recording : Randy’s (Kingston, JA) & Treasure Isle (Kingston, JA)
Mixing : CBS (New York, USA)

Here are some photos from the cover shoot.  Many thanks to photographer and friend of the blog Lee Jaffe for sharing.



  1. Thanks for this posting. It shares a excelent point of view. I QUITE agree about this: “This album’s production is stellar even by today’s standards. Every instrument is clearly audible, crisp sounding, and each note is placed and amplified in the mix perfectly. It is a perfect album in every sense.”

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