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New Dreada Dub Mix Vol. 3! (A Midnight Raver Mix)

The dopest mix I could muster right now.  I’ll be leaving for a few days, but no worries, the blog is in great hands with our international staff of historians, collectors, DJs, and professional roots reggae heads.  Be back next week.  Until then, stay low and in the mix with MIDNIGHT RAVER.

A stellar mix of Prince Jammy and Linval Thompson with a healthy dose of Johnny Osbourne, Junior Reid, Hugh Mundell, and Augustus Pablo.

Even felt like dropping a likkle rhyme off the toppa my head just for a few laughs.  Straight from my head to yours!

“Nobody fall off the mix game
Maybe some forgot my name
The great white hope
Do this without dope
Thinkin’ they might hang, nope
Prince Jammy come to please
Like Gang Starr
Everybody know my steez
Linval Thompson in the mix
Just to add the spice
Like cumen
“Ahh Newman”
Like Seinfeld
You thought I fell
Shoulda known betta
Than to disrespect a
Life long selecta
No life at fourteen
Just a sleeve that was green
Or a liner note
To match my toke
The showstoppa
Beat droppa
Phat girl panty droppa
But always propa
When I bring my vibe
hope to stay alive
Givin’ you the best sunscreen
Keepin you like door knobs
And on dance floors
With the black shoe scuff
Think you had enuff?
Then sit back
don’t bogart yo sacks
Midnight Rava on time
neva slipped
Bringin’ you the dopest mix
So bob ya heads
and dreads
Make sure this love spreads
Like Bob said
Like righteousness
Over the seas…”


Prince Jammy – Fist of Fury
Junior Reid – Higgler Move
Prince Jammy – Higgler Dub
Johnny Osbourne – Back Off Ring Craft
Linval Thompson – Ring Craft Dub
Prince Jammy – Boof n Biff n Baff
Prince Jammy – Opium Den Is Where I Lay My Head
Prince Jammy – Swords of Vengeance
Prince Jammy – Downtown Shanghai Rock
Hugh Mundell/Prince Jammy – Jah Fire Will Be Burning (12″ mix)
Prince Jammy – King Pablo Dub
Prince Jammy – Million Dub
Prince Jammy – Pablo In Moonlight
Prince Jammy – Crowning of Prince Jammy
Prince Jammy – Jahovia Dub
Prince Jammy – Back Breaker
Prince Jammy – Puffed Out
Prince Jammy – Android Rebellion
Linval Thompson – Nightfall (Dub)
Johnny Osbourne – Rude Boy
Linval Thompson – Kiss Kiss (Dub)
Ring Craft Posse – Cayamans Port
Ring Craft Posse – Garvey Mead
Ring Craft Posse – Passage Fort
Ring Craft Posse – Edge Water



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