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Raver’s Rant

This is a site where I usually promote only positivity.  But I got some serious gripes right now.
It’s midnight.
So I rave…

I’m tired
I’m tired of Barak Obama and his White House-controlled American media conglomerate.
I’m tired of fake ass politicians.
I’m tired of standing in line
I’m tired of traffic
I’m tired of Capitol Hill interns
I’m tired of Sound Systems
I’m tired of white boys claiming Rasta
I’m tired of spin
I’m tired of lame ass pop bands calling themselves “reggae.”  Bands like Iration, Katchafire, The Green, Mishka, Pepper, Slightly Stoopid, Stick Figure, Tribal This and That…You know who you are.  Stop that shit.
I’m tired of promoters asking me to push the next shitty band
I’m tired of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and all the other race baiters who fan the flames of racial unrest
I’m tired of dividers
I’m tired of Republicans
I’m tired of Democrats
I’m tired of business travel
I’m tired of buying “work clothes”
I’m tired of hip hop
I’m tired of Snoop Lion and Snoop Dogg
I’m tired of Wailers disputes
I’m tired of soccer moms who look down their nose at me for wearing a dread on my shirt
I’m tired of Burning Spear committing career suicide (’nuff respect to the living legend).
I’m tired of fale Rastas claiming Rasta on stage every night
I’m tired of working in Babylon
I’m tired of memorandums
I’m tired of serious sex offenders getting jail time instead of death
I’m tired of hearing “we need to have a conversation in this country.”  
I’m tired of name brand clothes and fake-ass award shows (that was De La Soul, had to drop it)
I’m tired of “new roots”, “modern roots”, “roots revival”, “new reggae” or any other term used to describe shitty reggae
I’m tired of gun rights activists
I’m tired of gun control activists
I’m tired of people saying “it’s time for a revolution in this country.”  You know damn well there will never be a revolution in this country.
I’m tired of internet porn
I’m tired of the shit-music being exported from Jamaica
I’m tired of SOJA fans
I’m tired of the drunk frat guys and sorority girls from Arlington who fuck up every reggae concert I go to.
I’m tired of Human Resources
I’m tired of fake-ass Bob Marley quotes
I’m tired of reggae collectors who sit on their shit like it’s worth something.  There’s no money in reggaeunless your last name is Marley.
I’m tired of You Tube VJs and Sound Systems
I’m tired of brazilian websites who give away hundreds, thousands of reggae albums for free (but I love Brazil!)
I’m tired of dancehall
I’m tired of SOCA
I’m tired of Reggaeton
I’m tired of email
I’m tired of Skype
I’m tired of buying scratched records.  Listen to your records before you grade them EX or VG++
I’m tired of any reggae star named after a cat, a jungle animal, or serpent.  Stop it already.
I’m tired of Facebook
I’m tired Twitter
I’m tired of Don Carlos being broke
I’m tired of Lee “Scratch” Perry being broke
I’m tired of Roots Radics being broke
I’m tired of Israel Vibration being broke
I’m tired of the “new” Black Uhuru
I’m tired of Jamaican record sellers who charge $10.00 for shipping when I know damn well the shit costs like $4.00
I’m tired of tapers who torrent their recorded shows and then get pissed when you share their shitty recording somewhere else.  
I’m tired of reggae snobs who do not spend a second of their time forwarding the music
I’m tired of snotty college kids working in record stores who snicker when I ask where their disrespected reggae section is.  More UB40 LPs?  Just what I was looking for…
I’m tired of people asking “Do you like Bob Marley?”
I’m tired of fake-ass reggae collectors who put their own “logo” on a Bob Marley photo…WTF?
I’m tired of Wailers snobs who read too many Wailers books just so they can catch you slippin’ on your Wailers knowledge…Really?  That’s what it’s all about?
I’m tired of the Jamaican music industry and producers stealing from and shitting on the same artists who make their money for them
I’m tired of ebay sellers who charge $30 for a Dillinger “Ragnampaiza” 7″, or any other 7″ that was mass-produced


P.S. Don’t try to engage me in any sort of political discussion.  I find it incredibly boring and I will not respond.  This is a rant, not a discussion.




  1. Rob says:

    You can’t make fun of Slightly Stoopid and then also state Don Carlos being short on cash. Slightly Stoopid actually includes him on recent releases and in concert. Don would disagree with your assessment of Slightly Stoopid.

    1. Thanks for your comment. It wasn’t my intentionton to make fun of Slightly Stoopid, just to state the fact that what they purport as reggae is really post-punk alternative. You’re right, Don may disagree. But I can tell you this, Don appears on their records because he needs a payday, not because they are a great reggae act. My point is that reggae is getting terribly diluted by pop bands who consider themselves reggae acts. Scientist mixed their last single and he will be the first to tell you that the music Slightly Stoopid plays is not reggae, not even close. On one hand you have bands like Slightly Stoopid who dilute the genre, and on the other you have bands like Groundation and John Brown’s Body who are now defining the genre.

      1. Rob from Boston says:

        On the positive front…

        I get excited when I hear Luciano sing “Its Me Again Jah” in concert

        I get excited hearing Dean Fraser front Taurus’ band

        I get excited when I think about what Cocoa Tea could do if he used a live band with horns in the studio

        I get excited when I think about the new Steel Pulse release

        I get excited when I think about Slightly Stoopid doing a cover of Donovan’s “Serious Man.”

        I get excited when artists tell the band to “mix me down” in concert

        I get excited when I (naively) think Bunny Wailer still has one epic album yet to be released

        I get excited when Midnight Raver posts “hard to find” tracks and concert recordings

        I get excited when I think of Burning Spear playing “Mistress Music” in concert

        I get excited when I hear the new Misty in Roots album

        I get exited when I think of Junior Reid doing a full album based on his “gun ting” single sound 15 years ago.

        And finally..I get exited thinking I will somehow find the Chalice release “Si Me Ya”

        1. BTW, Bunny is readying the release of a 5 CD box set of new material. Don’t know how that will work out. Slated for a 9/11/13 release. Don’t count on epic.

        2. Funny you mention Mistress Music. I love that album. Got brutalized by critics and sells for 3.99 on ebay brand new. Love those love tunes on the record. Fly Me To The Moon. Negril. Girl I Love You. Classic.

    2. Babette says:

      You made my day, thanks…very nice

  2. Amy says:

    Well said.

  3. Karin says:

    pffffff, know what you mean, it could be right now my own words because I also have a I-hate-everything-and-everyonemoment, so, thanks….. for writing it down so I do not have to do it myself!!! xxxx

  4. ian webb says:

    I guess much of the issue is that everyone wants a piece of the reggae world as we once knew it ! however a lot of new reggae fans would not know a true reggae tune if it jumped up and bit them 🙂

  5. jay says:

    This one’s from the UK

    I’m tired of David Cameron and his Con-Dem government attacking the unemployed, the sick and the disabled
    I’m tired of lying politicians, let’s just call reforms cuts and nothing else
    I’m tired of hearing the economy is recovering when I know it’s just a lie using falsified statistics
    I’m tired of (w)bankers
    I’m tired of workfare ie. slave labour – forcing people to work for their benefit (welfare)
    I’m tired of Atos
    I’m tired of watered down modern reggae
    I’m tired of modern Jamaicans that can’t sing, what is it with that stupid macho half vocal half rap style
    I’m tired of music television brainwashing the young
    I’m tired of bloody Robin Thicke
    I’m tired of corporate interests
    I’m tired of Neoliberalism
    I’m tired of getting old
    I’m tired of people not knowing who Misty In Roots are
    I’m tired of this counties lack of opportunities
    I’m tired of Austerity
    I’m tired of rocketing gas prices
    I’m tired of rocketing electricity prices
    I’m tired of being poor
    I’m tired of expensive train fares
    I’m tired of modern music, no fun, no excitement
    I’m tired of war
    I’m tired of going to concerts to hear mindless chatter and people who will just not shut up – Just go to a bar instead
    I’m tired of the NSA and snooping search engines, Hello Google….why do you need my phone number or alternate email address
    I’m tired of cd players that stop working, did a record player ever break down?
    I’m tired of bloody social media and hearing what people had for their dinner
    I’m tired of postal charges that cost more than the product
    I’m tired of Ebay rip off prices
    I’m tired of 57 channels and nothing on, no wonder Elvis shot the goddam thing
    I’m tired of expensive concert tickets that I can’t afford to go to, £80 to see Bob Dylan (that’s 125 US dollars!)

    There’s a lot more but………..I’m gonna lie down now because I’m tired

    Thanks for the unusual post, keep on skanking

    1. Brother you picked right up where I left off. Righteous!

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